5 Tips to Relieve and Prevent Dry Skin in the cold weather (and all year long!)


An allergist’s quick guide on how to relieve and prevent dry skin during cold weather.  5 simple tips to help keep your skin looking and feeling great during the winter – and all year round! 

Stay hydrated and apply moisturizer to relieve dry skin.

Winter season is dry skin season.  Our skin becomes dry when the air around us is dry.

The air is drier in Winter both indoors and outdoors.  

Out-of-doors it’s usually cold – water vapor levels are lower in cold air.  Thus the phrase “cold air is dry air”.

Indoor the heating systems don’t put enough humidity into the air to compensate for lower moisture levels leading to dry skin as well as irritation to nose and chest.

How can we improve dry skin caused by cold conditions?  We recommend the following 5 Tips to help improve and prevent dry skin:



Water lost through dry skin can be easily replenished by drinking water throughout the day. 


Relax in a warm bath of clean water for 15-20 minutes daily. Pat dry gently – it is better to leave skin damp.


Wash skin with soap-free cleansers.  Allergy Canada recommends Free & Clear’s line of soap-free cleansers will clean skin without removing beneficial oils from the skin, or leaving behind common chemical irritants found in soaps.


Immediately after washing or soaking, cover your skin with a moisturizer designed for sensitive skin.  Allergy Canada supplies Vanicream moisturizers, free of irritants and perfume-free. Regular moisturizing helps to reduce water lost through the skin.


Chemical irritants in the home can aggravate dry skin. When using cleansers or other household cleaning products, wear gloves to prevent irritation.

By following these 5 tips you can relieve dry skin symptoms as well as protect sensitive skin against further irritation.

Our Vanicream and Free & Clear products are your best allies in the fight against the drying effects of Winter weather.