Nickel Smart™ Attitude Belt Set




Get noticed for your fashion sense, not for your itchy belly rash!

Our Attitude Belt Set is just that – full of attitude but NO nickel!
These trendy belts are great for casual wear.
Certified Nickel Free Guarantee:  Unconditional lifetime guarantee to never test positive for nickel.  Six month guarantee against defects, including breakage.
Belt Straps:  Black, manmade leather; Black Studded (4501) is 32 mm wide; Double Pin Square (4202) is 38 mm in width
Buckles:  Certified Nickel Free Zinc
What size nickel free belt should you order?  One sizing method is to measure a perfectly fitting old belt from the buckle fold to the hole used most often.  This measurement will be your belt size.  You may also measure your waist through your belt loops; this measurement is your belt size.  Our belts are measured from the buckle fold to the middle hole, so you will have two holes on either side allowing a little leeway.