Allergy Canada has added a new category to our website – Overstock Items!  These items are offered at a discounted price, often far greater than our regular sale prices.  The category changes all the time, as new items are added and other items are sold out.

What ARE Overstock Items?

You may be wondering what we consider an overstock item.  There are a few reasons why we may place an item in the Overstock category:

  •  we have too much stock of a product – we need to clear out the clutter!
  • a product may be close to its posted expiry.  Expiry dates of all products in the Overstock category are always included, if applicable, and these items will have the greatest price reductions!
  • a manufacturer may have changed the packaging or product design, and we want to get the new model online as soon as we can!

One thing all Overstock Items have in common – they are always significantly reduced in price, which is good for our customers!

Our Overstock category changes all the time, so check back with us!

Please note, Overstock items are not eligible for exchange, return or refund, and are sold ‘as is’.

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