Dust Mite Proof Bedding

Allergy Canada supplies Allergy Guardian encasings which are clinically tested and proven to be dust mite proof. These products will act as an effective allergen barrier to contain allergens and bacteria while providing a healthy, restful night’s sleep.

Manufactured under strict control, with premium quality materials, special anti-tear lockstitch construction and washable zippers that will not corrode or rust. Hot water washable and air dry. All encasings have a recommended 3 year guarantee.

Encasings are available in 3 Levels.  Standard encasings are 5.8 micron pore size, 100% polyester and have a stiff feeling to the material.  Premium encasings are a 100% microfiber with a 2.4 micron pore size.  The tight weave of the microfiber gives the Premium encasings a soft, linen feel.  Ultimate encasings are 100% cotton which is more breathable and moisture wicking than the other materials.  Ultimate encasings have a 3.6 micron pore size.

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