Dog allergies are a reaction to proteins in a dog’s dander and saliva; reactions to dog allergens can include rash, irritation, allergic reactions and dermatitis.  These allergens can be found on fabrics in the home and vehicles and can be moved from place to place on clothing or other materials.  There are several ways you can make your home dog allergen-safe for your family and guests.

To alleviate symptoms, and reduce or neutralize allergens, give you dog a bath in Allersearch pet shampoo.  This shampoo both neutralizes allergens and protects your dog against fleas and ticks!  In addition, wash linens in Allergen laundry detergent, add Acaril to your current laundry detergent, wipe surfaces with Allerdust solution, and clean carpets using AllerSearch ADMS to reduce and neutralize allergens around the home.  Learn more about how to keep your beloved pet while relieving symptoms of dog allergies below!

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