Window Screens

Window Screens

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PollenTEC is a revolutionary screen fabric that acts like a ‘filter for your whole home’. PollenTEC allows fresh air to flow indoors while filtering out up to 100% of pollens and other harmful microscopic airborne particles. Made of premium European polyester, PollenTEC fabric has an intricate spun weave with a patented coating that attracts pollens and other microscopic particles like a magnet.

Superb performance, durable and washable, PollenTEC is a smart choice green building product that protects any indoor environment:

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  • Windows 24" x 72"

    Windows 24″ x 72″

  • Windows 36" x 48"

    Windows 36″ x 48″

  • Windows 36" x 72"

    Windows 36″ x 72″

  • Windows 48" x 48"

    Windows 48″ x 48″