Allersearch All-Up Anti-Allergen Pre-Spray Carpet Cleaner 945 mL

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Allersearch’s All-Up is a powerful pre-spray for all your carpet cleaning needs.  The unique formulation is designed to neutralize proteins and allergens while dissolving and loosening tough stains.  Suitable for use on both synthetic and natural fibers, this product is effective at removing water and oil stains as well as allergens.

Designed to spot-treat your carpets in the most heavily-trafficked, soiled areas, this product is applied and allowed to sit for 5 minutes before removal with a carpet shampoo of your choosing.

Always read and follow the directions on the bottle.

Make you home or office allergy-friendly with a pre-spray that neutralizes and removes allergens from your carpets.

945 mL / 32 oz bottle.


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