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Kills Mould Spores and Prevents Them From Returning and Colonizing Did you know that inhaling mold or mildew spores can trigger asthma, allergic rhinitis and other allergic reactions? Did you also know that each mold spore that germinates can give rise to new mold growth, which in turn can produce millions of spores in as little as 24 to 48 hours! Now asthmatics, allergy sufferers and people who just want a cleaner, healthier home have a solution. Allersearch® AllerMold™ is a unique product that safely removes mold and mildew (from non-wood surfaces), and creates a resistant coating to stop molds and mildews from returning and multiplying for 60-90 days!

***PLEASE NOTE – ALLERMOLD has been discontinued by the manufacturer, AllerSearch.  Once out of stock, this product will not be returning to our collection.***

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