Nickel Alert™ Convenient 2-Pack


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Nickel Alert™ (dimethylglyoxime nickel test) tests for nickel in any metal item like jewelry, watches, belt buckles. Within 30 seconds you will know if the item has nickel. 
A nickel spot test that is safe and easy to use.  It is so sensitive to the nickel in metal it will provide a positive test result for even minute traces of nickel.
You can trust Nickel Alert to detect nickel in metal before the itchy rash on your skin does!
Consider Testing:
Earrings, watches, necklaces, rings, heirloom jewelry, fine jewelry, costume jewelry, “nickel-free” jewelry, buttons, belt buckles, eye glasses, silverware, zippers, jean studs and cell phones.
Recommended by leading Dermatologists and Allergists