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Nickel Solution is a personal favourite and a Best Seller. This very useful kit is super easy to use and contains Nickel Alert – Test any metal item and in 30 seconds you will know if the metal contains nickel. Nickel Solution also comes with Nickel Guard – a protective coating designed to bond with metal and proven to put a durable and effective barrier between you and nickel.
Nickel Solution is a unique 2-part kit that tests for nickel in metal items and then protects you from nickel contact.
Nickel Alert™ (nickel test) tests for the presence of nickel in jewelry, cell phones, watches etc. so your skin doesn’t have to!
Nickel Guard™ (nickel barrier) forms an invisible micro-bond with the metal to protect you from nickel contact.  It is easy to apply to your jewelry, dries quickly and provides lasting protection. Nickel Guard is safe and easy to use and will not harm valuable items.
Recommended by leading Dermatologists and Allergists.

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