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Moon Goddess Dichroic Glass Earrings by Nickel Smart®

Unleash your inner goddess – even if she has a nickel allergy! These shimmering Moon Goddess Earrings are made from a beautiful rainbow of dichroic glass, shaped into a cosmic crescent measuring 1.5 inches. Blended with pinks, blues, greens, yellows, and more, each pair’s celestial coloring is completely unique. Paired with hypoallergenic Certified Nickel Free metalwork, the dichroic glass is handcrafted in North Carolina, USA, by local artisans. The magic of the Moon Goddess is ready to inspire you!


Dichroic Glass: The amazing look of these dichroic glass earrings starts in our regional artisans’ studio, as they create the design and unique color patterns, then apply precise scientific skills to achieve the exact kiln-firing temperatures, duration, and repetition, all of which are crucial to the glass. Dichroic glass is fired several times to achieve the shifts of color and depth which display in this artistic creation.

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