Nickel Guard™ Convenient 2-Pack


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Protect your skin from nickel exposure with Nickel Guard!  If your cherished heirloom earrings are causing an itchy rash on your earlobes or if a loved one’s gift of a belt is causing an abominable abdominal itch, simply brush Nickel Guard onto the offending metal following the easy instructions.  No more itchy rash!
Nickel Guard is designed for persons with sensitive skin in mind and does not contain several ingredients which often cause secondary dermatitis. Ordinary nail polish may contain Toluene, Formaldehyde or Dibutyl phthalate which can cause secondary rashes. Nickel Guard does not contain these allergy causing ingredients.
Nickel Guard also works with Nickel Alert.  Once an item is protected with Nickel Guard, it can be re-tested with Nickel Alert to verify protection.
Recommended by leading Dermatologists and Allergists

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